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Spring Ahead with Music Together®'s MARACAS Collection Beginning April 2nd!

Sunny musical family moments are ahead with Music's The Balm's eight-week Music Together MARACAS Collection, starting Thursday and Friday mornings, April 2nd & 3rd at the Lewisburg Children's Museum!  Ms. Rachel guides your family to sing, dance, play instruments, chant, and find a silly-side in a fun community of young families, making a music experience appropriately designed to inspire your youngster's well-rounded development.  For infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, Music Together emboldens families to explore music's elements in a creative, lighthearted space, encouraging love and expression in a relaxed way.  Registration is OPEN.  Join us for family time your child craves!

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Did you know that all children..and people... are musical?  Yes, it's true!  All humans are wired to enjoy and participate in music activities....so why not do Music Together?  Let's nurture our music ability like we do so many others, like walking, talking, playing, socializing.....our children need us and need our music too--- silly opera, off-key notes with pots and pans clangin'!!  Music Together Family Class helps parents be musically local and accessible to their kiddos, and soon music naturally becomes your child's life-long friend.









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Jan 09, 2020
The STICKS Collection Kick-off!

Next week is our Music Together Family Class kick-off with the 2020 STICKS Collection as our semester music!  Join us on Thursday or Friday morning at the Lewisburg Children's Museum for 8 weeks of family music learning!  Sign up your infant, toddler, or preschooler at the Registration Tab above to use music to help your child's verbal, cognitive, motor, and social skills in a relaxed, fun-loving, age-apropriate way!  

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