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 Hi Rachel,

I just wanted to see if you were just as excited as I was at last Friday's music class.  I could not believe that Katelyn actually clapped and slapped her legs to the beat of the music...that was the first time for that in class. But it was nice to see her up and about, participating a bit, smiling and playing with some of the goodies you brought out. I think it all started with the music book...she LOVES the pictures in the music book.  So I was just really pleased. I like to see progress and it looks like we are seeing some.  Thanks for all that you do.          MT parent, Lewisburg, PA


I highly recommend the Music Together® classes which I have been taking with my 14 month old daughter.  Though I have been a musician, dancer and singer for years and started sharing these with my baby before she was born, I have learned a lot from these classes about how to bring these dimensions of the human adventure into her world in a way that is fun for both of us (and in a way that avoids the traumas of my own childhood music education).                   MT parent, Princeton, NJ